Once I called you brother, once I thought the chance to make you laugh, was all I ever wanted.

Dear God,

Why did you give me emotions?



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"I shall stand for Loki! I shall stand for him and fight for him as I shall for all my family. What kind of man would do anything else? My blood is my blood as my name is my name and I will not watch it burn in the fire of mob rule. Ask yourselves now—ask yourselves right now in this white-hot moment as even the world tree itself burns—as Surtur himself conspires against us all—Ask yourselves this one question: Do you doubt this of me?"

— Thor [The Mighty Thor # 19]

My Parents Have Teamed Up Against Me

So, my mother and father got divorced a long time ago. It was nothing hostile, and they are still relatively good friends.

However, they tend to disagree on things, and if one of them decides that they will use one of my favorite things as a form of motivation against me (example: taking away my Thor DVD until I clean my room), the other tends to come to my rescue and claim that it is unfair.

Well, a few days ago, my dad told me that I needed to go take my driver’s license test.

I told him, “Dad, I really don’t want to get my license right now. It’s just not important in my life.”

He stared at me for a moment, thinking of what to do.

Here is what happened next.

Me: *fangirling as the Avengers trailer comes on TV*

Dad: HA! I’ve got it!

Me: What?

Dad: If you don’t get your license, you don’t get to go see the Avengers.

Me: WHAT!?

We then proceeded to argue, with him laughing evilly the entire time, and eventually I said, “Mom won’t let you do this. She knows how much I love the Avengers. She’ll back me up.”

Here’s how that conversation went.

Dad: She needs to get her license, so I’ve told her that when she goes for her test on Tuesday, if she doesn’t pass, she can’t go see the Avengers.

Me: *thinking* Mom’s got my back. She’ll stop you.

Mom: That is the most brilliant idea ever. What better form of motivation than to deny her the movie she’s been waiting years for? All right, sweetie. If you wanna go see the movie, then you have to pass your test. Put all you effort in. Be motivated. No slacking off.


Don’t get me wrong. I love my parents. They’re awesome. But when they work against me, they team up. I cannot win.

Wish me luck.

My test is tomorrow.

So, my little sister and I were driving with our dad today, and we passed by a green boat for sale.

My sister and I got in a conversation about what we would call the boat if we bought it; we thought about it for a few minutes, and then my sister said, “Oh my God, we can call it the S.S. Thorki.”

Then the two of us burst out laughing and shouting that it was the best idea ever, and how one day we were going to do exactly that.

My poor father had no idea what was happening.

My little sister then continued to comment about how, if we did that to a boat, it would technically mean that we had the Thorki ship, literally.

Sis, I knew there was a reason I didn’t try to trade you back to the hospital when you were a baby.

What Thor Said VS What Thor Thought

So, I was watching Tales of Asgard for the nine-hundredth time, and I realized something I hadn’t before.

When Thor cock-blocked Loki and Amora, there was NO WAY that was a coincidence. He did not just show up at that moment and happen to interrupt them.

No, he was probably walking through the halls thinking, “Going to find my incredibly cute and lovable Loki and drag his ass on an adventure that is sure to get us both killed. Nothing out of the ordinary.”

And then he saw Amora swooping in to kiss his brother.

What Thor said: *all calm and prince-like* ”Amora, leave us.” 

What Thor thought: “AHGJFJGDJKGFHJDSHDSJKFJKDFJKSJKFK GET AWAY FROM MY LOKI YOU BLOND-HAIRED BIMBO, HE’S MINEEE!!!” *cue thunderstorm that wipes out half of Asgard*

…These are my thoughts.

Embrace them. 

Title: Letting Go

Fandom: Thor

Plot: Pre-movie AU. Inspired by “Letting Go” from the Thor Soundtrack. Loki died on a quest with his brother, and now Thor is left to grieve.

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Hello, all my readers, viewers, and my etc.! I am animehime20, also known as Hime or Ke-chan, and this is my first video.

I had to post it on youtube to get it on here, sadly.

I created this yesterday on a whim. My little sister and I had just finished re-watching Thor: Tales of Asgard, and I decided to make a slide-show video to the song I am currently obsessed with, and this is the result of that!

It took me about 45 minutes, and I used iMovie to make it.

Not too bad.

I own none of the media used in this. I do not own the song, I do not own the images, and I do not own the movie the images came from. I am but a simple fan looking to spread the love by posting the slide-show video of the screenshots that I made.

All images were found on google by searching “thor tales of asgard” and any variations of.

Song: “If It Means A Lot To You”

Artist: A Day To Remember

Movie: Thor: Tales of Asgard

Characters: Thor, Loki

Thor: Tales of Asgard is property to Marvel and Lionsgate Cinemas, and the song is property to its respective owners, songwriters, etc. I am merely a fan.

Youtube’ll probably find something to penalize me on and force me to get rid of it, but for now, this is what I have.

First video.


Just re-watched Thor: Tales of Asgard…

When Thor hugged Loki…

My reaction:

ToA - Seeking Vengeance and Other Means of Comforting Your Younger Brother Part 1/?

Hello to all my fellow fans out there!

Here I am trying something new for this evening, but I will be back to doing what I normally do soon enough!

Anyway, for tonight I wrote a short story for Thor: Tales of Asgard in which Loki is being distant and locking himself in his room after what happened, and Thor just wants his brother to talk to him. Chaos and arguing ensues, as well as a few things no one was expecting.

I hope everyone enjoys this one! It’s new for me, so I’m giving it a whirl. Wish me luck!

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"How…ah…How are you doing? I had a dream you died in a gash made of light and color. So I came to help with my stick of great stabbing."

— Loki [The Mighty Thor, #1]