HTTD - How to Burn a Witch Prologue

This is a “How to Train Your Dragon” story I wrote a while ago, and I actually have a few chapters written on it.

It takes place a few years in the future, to a point when Hiccup has been the Chief of the Hooligans of Berk for at least four years, so he’s about twenty-two.

This is not a story about a witch-burning, but something else. The title is just the title because it catches attention and it sort of has something to do with the story as you will all find out when you read it.

Thank you to all my readers, and my other stories (my YA ones) will be updated soon!

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YA - Breaking My Promise Preview

Greetings to you, all my readers!

If you all remember from one of my first posts, I had an idea called “Breaking My Promise”. I recently had a nightmare that reminded me of it, so I wanted to post a part of it.

This scene is actually Teddy’s nightmare that he has at the beginning of the story; it involves him and Billy and somewhat foreshadows what’s going to happen.

I am dedicating this post specifically to fujo, one of my readers here on tumblr! I will dedicate each of my fics to a specific reader/reblogger/favoriter here to thank you all for sticking by me through thick and thin! Here’s hoping that you enjoy my story!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

No longer a nightmare, the line of people in black robes advanced on Wiccan and Hulkling through an icy mist stirring around their feet.

This is it, Hulkling thought in a panic. This is bad. We have to run. He was desperate for the spell caster that he guarded, the one that was cowering in terror beside him. But to even think right now was something he couldn’t afford.

The men glided closer, dark robes billowing around them. Hulkling saw their hands curl into claws, sharp nails extending. They drifted apart and circled Wiccan and Hulkling, angling to come at them from all angles. Hulkling’s eyes ghosted over all of them; some of them had guns, now that he really focused. They were trapped and outnumbered. It was over.

And then, like a burst of fire, the whole thing was different. Yet, nothing looked different—the men in black robes were still all around them, poised to kill.

All that changed was how Hulkling felt, the fear that surged inside him.

Suddenly, he was terrified. Wiccan was whispering under his breath, softly, like a song. He wanted them to attack.

The panic that Hulkling felt for his boyfriend’s safety shifted into terror as he sensed Wiccan’s bloodlust. The spell caster’s hands cracked into the same claws, and he crouched down low, a smile on his face.

“I can take them, Ted,” he murmured.

The men in black took a collective step back when Wiccan crouched. Seeing a moment of freedom, Hulkling looked back at his boyfriend.

He was exactly the same…except for his eyes. Two black pits, like bullet wounds, alive with wriggling black tentacles, groping the icy chill like feelers.

Looking at the men who dared to threaten them, a feral snarl ripped from Billy’s throat—like the growl of some unholy monster.

“Trust me…”

To Be Continued in “Breaking My Promise”…