HTTYD - How to Burn a Witch Part 1/15

And this is the first official start of the story.

This chapter was inspired by the events of HTTYD Book 5, in the beginning with the reindeer herding and the Exterminator dragons that appeared. I wanted to incorperate this scene because it was the best scene that worked with the story and the events it will lead to.

Be warned in advance that there are some characters from the movie, books, and a few OCs, but only children and a few elders mostly. None of them, besides one, is majorly important.

I hope everyone enjoys this story, as it was a lot of fun to plan out and write!

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HTTYD - How to Burn a Witch Table of Contents

This is the list of chapters that will appear in my fan fic, “How to Burn a Witch”! I hope everyone enjoys these.


Ch 1: How to Start a Fire

Ch 2: How to Start a Celebration

Ch 3: How to Tell a Campfire Story

Ch 4: How to Start a War

Ch 5: How to Host a Funeral

Ch 6: How to Destroy a Village’s Hope

Ch 7: How to Summon a Sorcerer

Ch 8: How to Defy Your Father

Ch 9: How to Lose Your Cool

Ch 10: How to Prevent a Death

Ch 11: How to Create a Nightmare

Ch 12: How to Catch a Seid Wielder

Ch 13: How to Kill a Cursed Viking

Ch 14: How to Break a Deal

Ch 15: How to Burn a Witch


Hopefully I will have all of these finished soon. I have the first chapter and quite a few other ones half completed.

Thank you everyone!

HTTD - How to Burn a Witch Prologue

This is a “How to Train Your Dragon” story I wrote a while ago, and I actually have a few chapters written on it.

It takes place a few years in the future, to a point when Hiccup has been the Chief of the Hooligans of Berk for at least four years, so he’s about twenty-two.

This is not a story about a witch-burning, but something else. The title is just the title because it catches attention and it sort of has something to do with the story as you will all find out when you read it.

Thank you to all my readers, and my other stories (my YA ones) will be updated soon!

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