HTTD - How to Burn a Witch Prologue

This is a “How to Train Your Dragon” story I wrote a while ago, and I actually have a few chapters written on it.

It takes place a few years in the future, to a point when Hiccup has been the Chief of the Hooligans of Berk for at least four years, so he’s about twenty-two.

This is not a story about a witch-burning, but something else. The title is just the title because it catches attention and it sort of has something to do with the story as you will all find out when you read it.

Thank you to all my readers, and my other stories (my YA ones) will be updated soon!

Title: How to Burn a Witch

Author: animehime20

Fandom: How to Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) (movie-verse and book-verse-ish)

Pairings: Hiccup/Astrid; minor Ruffnut/Fishlegs

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I do not own How to Train Your Dragon. It is (c) of Cressida Cowell and DreamWorks

Warning: Implied sex, violence, and foul and offensive language

Summary: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third’s life is absolutely wonderful. He’s been the Chief of the Hooligans for the better part of four years, he’s married the woman of his dreams, and the best part—the war with the dragons is over, and Vikings and dragons coexist peacefully. At least…they did before the Exterminators attacked. Now one by one the Hooligans are falling victim to a beast from the depths of Helheim itself, and Hiccup his powerless to stop it. To save his people, he must fulfill a prophecy that could mean the “end of his days”—or, if not, get him exiled. Because every Viking knows that getting the help of a witchcraft user is the ultimate sin a Viking can commit…

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

In his dreams, he is cowering in a dark cave, and there is another boy on the other end of the cave who looks exactly like him. Thick fog rolls across his vision, and he can’t see well.

He weeps bitter tears; the other boy groans aloud.

"Come back," the other boy whispers. Then he screams, louder and wilder and madder than any Berserker, than any Hysteric, "Come back! Come back! COME BACK!"

And the girls, who ride in a boat on the edge of the fog-tinted vision, turn to them and call: “We will come back to you…We love you…We will come back…" And the fog curls around them and takes them to the side of the gods.

The other boy and he are left alone in their gloomy cave. The other boy sinks to his knees and weeps; and he screams like a mother who’s lost a child.

The other boy says to him in a broken whisper, cold with hate, “They are cruel. They have taken from us. They are everything they were rumored to be.” And he looks at him and murmurs, “We can’t let them get away with this, Hiccup.”

And he says, “Yes…let’s stop them.”

The other boy shouts, with a voice like a Monstrous Nightmare, “Let us take revenge.”

And he says, “Take revenge…”

"On those humans…"

"…who ruined us."

And he rises, wiping his runny nose on his arm, and takes the hand of the other boy. And together, they look out of the foggy cave, through the gloom and darkness, into a world of their own making: a land where there are no humans. A land where the dragons fly free, burning everything in sight. And they wander the dark like Lost Souls and think, again and again, like the curse of some sorceress, We did this…we did this…we did this…

To Be Continued…